BLACK TAJ MAHAL: The Emperor's Missing Tomb

The book written on the Black Taj

Black Taj is inseparable from the Taj Mahal, but in absence of any dedicated research work, the story has swayed between reality and myth.

The book sheds light on an age old story of another mausoleum of black marble that was to be built on the other bank of the river Yamuna. The construction of the Taj Mahal was only half of the original grand scheme conceived by its builder emperor Shahjahan.

The book also analyses the Taj Mahal - the world's most beautiful architectural creation from completely new dimension, using the empirical rules prepared by a modern scientist - “The Fifteen Properties of Christopher Alexander”.

The historical events towards the end of emperor Shah Jahan’s reign, his dethroning and the conspiracies by his own son are highlighted. The book also covers the history of Mughal dynasty in a narrative manner. It traces the inherited quality of creativity and love for art and architecture of Mughals.

The book puts into perspective the need of fulfilling a forgotten dream - the creation of Miniature Black Taj Mahal with ebony (natural black wood).

  • Chapters:
    • Part I - The Taj Mahal
    • Part II - The Black Taj Mahal
    • Part III - Unending Romance
    • Part IV - Genealogy of the Mughal Dynasty
    • Part V - Recreation of the Black Taj Mahal

    • Enriched with the meaningful pictures

  • Author:  Iftakhar Nadime Khan (Arshi)
  • ISBN: 978-93-82951-35-3
  • Type: Hard cover + dust jacket
  • No. of pages: 260 pp
  • Size: 7.25" x 9.5"

"The book has been translated into Arabic language by the Govt. of Saudi Arabia."